Wall Cladding Services

External Wall Cladding for a Safe and Innovative Exterior Finish

Render Plus is offering best External wall cladding services that helps in enhancing Quality of exterior walls. In order to give the best to your courtyard in many years to come, it is very important that you choose a right wall cladding company.

We offer external wall cladding with environmentally welcoming structure, that reduces the heating and cooling costs padding your walls and permits your home to respire naturally with the reflective colors.

The chief benefits of the external wall cladding are that it is compatible with nearly all the surface materials like metal, acrylic coating, texture coating, brick, cement etc. Natural stone is very heavy while transporting but wall cladding is very light and can be installed very quickly. The surfaces can easily be decorated in a short span of time and are absolutely free of complications. Also the cost of external wall cladding is much more cost effective than the natural stone.

Apart from cladding, our innovative rendering style has played a major role in the development of many commercial and residential facilities in recent areas. We have years of experience in acrylic rendering, cement rendering, texture coating, green board and white set at very cost effective rates. With the help of plastering machines, we finish up our projects on time along with safety majors which can be used to apply exterior renders and interior plasters.

Every project that we take on is different from the other and you will not see anything in common. We guarantee the complete transformation of your home and can offer both traditional and contemporary look to your house. The material offered by us is very flexible and can be installed without much difficulty even where there are curves and can be cut into any shape or sizes whereas you will notice this kind of flexibility in the stones. It is heat-resistant, which means that it can be used in any place where there will be excessive heat generated, like the fireplace in your home. It also adds beauty to your existing fireplace.

We provide wall cladding and rendering in different sizes and shapes. There is a massive variety available in both colors and designs which will surely match with other things that are already present, around. All the \cladding done by us are heat resistant and can even be used in any place where there is excessive heat like the fireplace in the house and it also adds a touch of attractiveness to that corner. Being non-porous and anti-absorbent they can easily be cleaned and are very easy to maintain. These are also made of very hard materials, so are very durable and can take any kind of shock easily and neither do the color change takes place because of the changing weather.

Our products and services include:

For Perfect External Wall Cladding

  • House renovations, cladding
  • External insulation
  • Weather resistant cladding
  • Acrylic renders and texture coats
  • Light weight wall systems
  • Insulation cladding
  • Setting and cement rendering


Our aim:

our aim is to deliver professional services to our clients with consideration for detail in installing exterior new generation rendered cladding techniques architectural moldings as well as texture coating painting and rendering.